18th October, 2014 Outing – Kickball


For our outing this October, we got to learn a new sport: KICKBALL! Our youths had lots of good fun and fellowship at Bishan Park.

Here’s what some of our youths had to say about KICKBALL:

Me: Describe kickball in less than 2o words.

Daniel: Kickball is like baseball but you kick it instead of hitting it.

Me: What’s the highlight of learning kickball?

Daniel: I think it was really easy to play for both guys and girls. Easier than baseball. I had background knowledge on baseball rules so i guess I caught on faster. Kickball’s quite a good sport for involving everyone because everyone can have a role in the sport as the game is going on, and you can choose how much to run, so it’s not tiring.

Me: What do you like about learning new sports in general?

Daniel: I like learning a new sport if it’s fun! And it’s good if it isn’t too complicated.

Me: In what way is kickball better than baseball?

Coach Cheryl: Kickball is more accessible as it’s less technical. We don’t have to learn how to pitch or bat to play it!

Me: Describe the experience of teaching the youths in less than 5 words.

Coach Cheryl: A bunch of monkeys.

We’re sure this bunch of monkeys had a great time playing some games together, despite having to end early due to the rain! Thank God for a relaxing time together away from school and work.

I hope this outing has left people eager and waiting for the next one! :p

In Christ’s love,



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