1st November, 2014 Youth Reformed Seminar

Dear Readers,

The Great Commission of the Psalms:

Ps 96:3,7

Declare his glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people.


Give unto the Lord, O ye kindreds of the people, give unto the Lord glory and strength.


This Saturday, we were very privileged to have Rev Carl Haak drop by Singapore on his way to India to be present for our youth RDC (YRDC). He gave us a presentation on the mission work that Georgetown PRC in India and a message themed ‘Missions and the Sovereignty of God’. We ended with sweet fellowship over a pizza party!

Rev Haak began with the presentation of the mission work in India, Vellore, by showing us some pictures.


It was very informative as he gave us some details about the work that Pastor Paulraj does in Reformed Christian Church of Vellore (RCCV), which was established in March of 2011.  The church has 80-90 attendees.


The Grace Foster Home is a natural outreach of the church, where about 50 children are and the vision is ‘PARENTING THE PARENTLESS by means of parental love, care and support in the emotional and physical need of the children in crisis…’

Pastor Paulraj also reaches out to people in the surrounding villages of Vellore by visiting the villages weekly and bringing the good news of the Gospel through singing and preaching. Some interesting experiences were shared, such as the time when the outreach program in a village was interrupted when the authorities came and told them they couldn’t worship there.

All in all, we can see that God is pleased to preserve His church in India.

After that presentation, we enjoyed a very ‘youthful’ tea break, with seaweed chicken, chicken pieces and Old Chang Kee curry puff. YUM! :p


The message on Missions and the Sovereignty of God was very humbling. Perhaps when we hear the word ‘missions’, we wouldn’t immediately think of God’s sovereignty. But we learnt in this message that our motivation for missions and the content of missions is the sovereignty of God. We expounded the great commission of the psalms, Psalms 96 thoroughly, where people are called to bow before the sovereignty of God.

The goal of missions is the worship of God, and a song arises in our hearts when we hear the gospel. (Ps 96:1,2) The church is instructed to declare God’s glory among the heathen(v3) and we were reminded of  Paul, who is an example of someone who knew God’s glory and was most motivated to declare it.  God’s glory must be the content of our declaration(v7), and grace produces in our hearts a submissive attitude as we conform our lives to what’s pleasing to God(v10). We were also reminded that worship must be done with reverence and holiness, hence making ‘casual worship’ an oxymoron.

We were also reminded of God’s sovereignty, and how it links to Jehovah reigning in creation, his providence, salvation and judgement. We also learnt that the impact of our missions is 2-fold: Joy(v11,12 and Rom 8:21) and Judgement.


and finally.. PIZZA PARTY! (very ‘youthful’ indeed).


I hope that YRDC was beneficial to the youths and all who attended.

May we always remember: JEHOVAH REIGNETH! 

(taken from http://www.momindia.org/index.php and http://georgetownprc.org/outreach/india-mission/)




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