November Pamphlet Study-Modern Bible Versions


CKS had a pamphlet discussion on “Modern Bible Versions” written by Prof. David. J. Engelsma. Before the discussion, the youths were asked to read the pamphlet which gave good insight into various modern bible versions namely Revised Standard Version (RSV) and The Living Bible (TLB). The pamphlet spoke of the three important qualities a Bible must have. Firstly, it must be faithful to the word of God. Secondly, it must be clear to ‘common’ man and lastly, its style must be dignified as it is the majestic word of God. Many of these modern bible versions either corrupt of hide important doctrines such as creation, the Trinity, the deity of Jesus etc. An example is seen in John 3:16 where the RSV writes ‘the only Son’ instead of the ‘only begotten Son’ in the King James Version (KJV). The pamphlet also gave many concrete examples of the false doctrines found in the TLB while supporting KJV and giving evidences why it should be the version we read.

During this discussion session, we had two activities. The first was to compare and discuss the different bible versions of Isaiah 7:14 and John 3:16 between KJV, New International Version (NIV), English Standard Version (ESV), RSV and TLB. In which we saw minimal difference between the first three versions mentioned while the last two had erroneous difference such as the above example mentioned. Just to state another, the RSV writes ‘a young woman shall conceive’ instead of ‘a virgin shall conceive’. The difference of such terms makes a huge difference! Such inaccurate translations can support any heresies advocated by false teachers. We had a profitable discussion. 🙂

The second activity was to translate three bible verses in Greek and Hebrew to English. It was pretty much a game of decoding strange looking letters. Through this, we learnt to appreciate the languages and found Hebrew to be more confusing (because it took our group the longest time to figure it out!).

Overall, it was an interesting session and I would strongly encourage everyone to read the article and join us for such activities!  🙂

– Guest writer 🙂


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