CK/CKS Camp 2014: Faith of our Fathers Living Still

Hi all, Welcome to the last blog post of the year 2014!

This year’s camp was held at Aloha Changi FPC 3 from December 17th-20th. The camp speaker is our dearly beloved Pastor Lanning who delivered a total of 4 speeches. The focus was on 4 prominent men in the church history whose contributions led to the development of the reformed truth and faith. The camp theme is “Faith Of Our Fathers Living Still” (Isaiah 40:8).

In the first speech, Rev Lanning spoke on “Patrick: Missionary to Ireland”. In this character study, we notice the life of Patrick where he engaged in mission work by preaching the gospel of salvation by grace alone! He was a faithful, diligent hard worker in bringing God’s word and establishing many churches and monasteries. Due to his labours, 1000+ people were converted from Celtic Paganism to Christianity! From this, we see some applications to our church namely God’s command to us to do mission work (Matt 24:14,28) and the need to bring the gospel of Christ to as many as the Lord will save.

In the second speech, we moved on to another character study “Ulrich Zwingli: Reformer…And Christian School Board Member”. Zwingli was one of the earliest reformers who was godly believing man. Throughout his life, we see his zeal and passion in setting up a city-wide system of schools. He became involved heavily with christian education where he was the school’s headmaster and school board member of the largest school in Zurich. From this, we learned the importance of christian education (Deut. 6, Ps 78) with the purpose to prepare church youths to serve in God’s kingdom.

Next, we studied “Heinrich Bullinger: Accidental Ecumenicist”. Bullinger was a 2nd Generation Swiss Reformer who was known for his passion in ecumenical work. He believed strongly in establishing ecumenical relationships with churches with like-minded faith. From this, we see that proper ecumenical relationship is good and should be encouraged (Eph 4:3) and the basis of it being established on the truth (Eph 2:20).

Lastly, we looked into “Herman Hoeksema: Contending For The Faith”. Hoeksema’s life was characterised by the many controversies he engaged in for God’s glory alone. His 2 famous controversies being Particular Grace vs Common Grace and Conditional vs Unconditional Covenant. Furthermore, he was known for being a solid reformer and compassionate man. Through this, the Protestant Reformed Churches of America (PRCA) was born. From this, we learn of the importance of controversy as the church’s calling and God’s means to preserve the church through the ages.

Spiritual food aside, we had plenty of fun games and fellowship with each other. Highlights being our Pulau Ubin Expedition where we cycled a trail path in Pulau Ubin and our special BBQ night and games! Indeed it was a good time of spiritual nourishment and physical rest from our daily vocations.

Thanks be to God for preserving his church through generations to come and may the truth be firmly engrafted into us youths as we stand in this evil age.

Joshua Teo


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