Why is Christianity the Only True Religion? (2): Answering Islam

This past Saturday (15th November), the CK and CKS youths continued on their series of workshops led by Pastor Lanning. The youths studied on the religion of Islam and how we can be a witness to our Muslim friends.

However, before we can witness to our Muslim friends (or anyone), we must first be convicted of the truth we want to proclaim (I Peter 3:15 “Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts”). Here are four questions that were posed to the youths to prepare us to witness (do take some time to ponder upon these questions!):-

  1. Who is Jesus Christ and how is He important to me? (Jn 1:1, I Jn 2:1-2)
  2. What is the Gospel of Christ and why is it precious to me? (Rom 1:16, I Cor 1:18)
  3. Why defend the Gospel against the teachings of Islam? (Deu 6:4-5, Psa 18:1-3)
  4. Why do I want to share the Gospel to my Muslim friends? (Acts 26:28-29)

Now that we have answered these questions, let’s start witnessing to our Muslim friends! But what do we know about the teachings of Islam? Some of us may have a vague knowledge about it and find that there are similar concepts and people in comparison to Christianity, but what exactly are the errors of the teachings of Islam?

Pastor Lanning gave a concise summary of the teachings of Islam by dividing it into four major themes: Allah, Muhammad, Man and the Quran.

Allah (“the God” in Arabic):-
i. Allah is One person in One being, thus denying Jesus as God as well (denies the doctrine of the Trinity)
ii. Allah is distant from man (denies the doctrine of the covenant)

Muhammad (the ‘prophet’):-
i. Muhammad claimed to have been called to be Allah’s messenger by the angel Gabriel.
ii. Muhammad recited the words that were revealed to him through the angel.
iii. Muhammad is revered more than Allah.

i. Man is good. Sin is viewed as ‘a mistake’ (denies the doctrine of Total depravity).
ii. Despite the sin Adam and Eve committed, they were not totally depraved. Therefore man did not inherit a depraved nature (denies the doctrine of Total depravity; original sin and guilt).
iii. Salvation is by works – prayer, giving of alms, fasting, and confession that Allah is the only god and pilgrimage to Mecca (denies the doctrine of unconditional covenant).

i. Compilations of Muhammad’s teachings that were recorded by his scribes after his death
ii. Everything to Muslims.

From Pastor Lanning’s explanation of the Islam religion, the youths had a clearer understanding of the religion’s teachings. We saw that despite the so-called similarities between Christianity and Islam, both religions are radically different.

Our response? To stand for the one and only Truth! As easy as it sounds, it is not that simple. The bringing of the Gospel to our Muslim friends can be a sensitive topic. But we must remember that the glory of God is chief. We may get to know more about the teachings of Islam and if an opportunity arises, share what we believe the Word of God says. For instance, we might bring up the topic of the Muslims’ pilgrimage to Mecca and show that we, Christians are on a pilgrimage as well, but on a spiritual one!

And finally, our answer of the hope that is in us must be given in all humility – it is of God’s work and mercy that we are enlightened of His Word and brought out from darkness into His marvellous light!

After the workshop,the youths broke up into groups to discuss on the four questions that were posed in the beginning of the workshop.

Once again, a scrumptious dinner was provided at the end of the workshop 🙂

Next workshop, we will be looking into traditional Chinese Religions in the light of the Word of God!

Tze Yan


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