11th October, 2014 CKS Pamphlet Study – “Our Venerable King James Version”

Link: http://www.peaceprc.org/OurVenerableKJV.pdf Since the beginning of 2012, the CK and CKS youths embarked on studying the book of Malachi using the Bible study guide by Rev. Carl Hark. The CKS youths have completed their study on the book of Malachi in August, while our younger youths had their last lesson this past Saturday. Whilst that […]

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4th October, 2014 “Why is Christianity the Only True Religion? (1): Telling the Truth about the Only True God”

In the coming months ahead, CK and CKS begin a new series of workshops. The purpose of these upcoming workshops is to teach the youths about the Truth and how to defend it from the errors. Each workshop will look into a particular false religion in the light of the Word of God. This past […]

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The month of September! =)

Dear friends, it is now the month of September! (Actually, it’s already past that but here’s the blog post for Sept!) Activities for this month: Workshop, Mooncake Gospel Meeting, Outing, and Romans BS. 1. Workshop – Glorifying God in Our Entertainment (6 Sept) This was the last workshop in the series of entertainment – we […]

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The month of August

Dear friends =) Workshop- reformed perspective on gaming In the Workshop on the Reformed Perspective on Gaming, we discussed and concluded with the following statements. The development of gaming platforms caused gaming to be more accessible for us. Furthermore, games are becoming more graphic, sensual, vulgar, violent, realistic and time-consuming. Our calling is thus presented. […]

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The month of July

Hello friends, how are you? Time flies and it’s the month of July already. We pray that things have been going smoothly for you. The month of July has been relatively short. We had our usual Romans Bible study, and a continuation on the series of workshops on the reformed worldview on our entertainments. On […]

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The Month of June

Dear friends, Your long awaited June post is here! How have you been doing anyway? Have you been reading and meditating on the word of God? =) June is one of our favourite months! As it is always packed with fun and spiritually edifying activities! In the month of June, we had a workshop conducted […]

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The month of May =)

The month of May! Hello! How have you been? The month of May has been a very exciting month for all of us! We had our usual CK Malachi BS, CKS Roman BS and an outing to the Bishan Park! For our Malachi BS, We are at Malachi 3:13 now! and Malachi 3 verse 16 […]

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